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These are what we were creating on Wednesday.

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Week 8

Monday, February 25

Wednesday, February 27

Friday, March 1

Instead of writing every single day, I’m just going to write a summary of the week.

Monday I was violently sick and could not come in. Alex doesn’t want me to come in if I’m even the slightest bit ill. I stayed in bed all day and my boyfriend made me smoothies.

Wednesday we were shooting with Alain again instead of Grant. Grant is still in South America. We did some e-commerce stuff, but we mainly worked on this editorial where we kind of just laid out the clothing and put looks together without actually putting them on a model. J.Crew does editorials like this a lot. In their Holiday 2012 lookbook, their gift guide is laid out sort of similar to what we did. It was so ironic that we did a shoot like this because on my personal Tumblr I posted a picture of a guy making one of those layouts and captioned it “I just want a job where I can create these all day.” Ironic, right?

I hope that we can continue doing shoots like that and maybe I can be a little bit more hands on with the process.

Today—Friday—we’re just in the office. Alex is in a super top secret meeting with Adam and Jerry. We have to work on some stuff for next week and making a list of things that we need to shoot and brainstorming some ideas for editorials.


Oh! By the way, I don’t know if I’ve ever posted Alex’s Tumblr to this…so, this is my boss.

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Week 7, Day 2

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Today was a long day of shooting! We’re shooting with a new photographer because Grant is away in South America for a month. So, now we’re shooting with Alain.

Alain specializes in product and food photography so the shooting process was a little more intricate than when we shoot with Grant. He was really about lighting the products well. This added TLC added like 2 more hours onto our time, but oh well. It was a good learning experience.

Alex is giving me Adobe Suites on Friday so I can start being in on the editing process, so that’s cool

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Week 7, Day 1

Monday, February 18, 2013

Today we were in the office. We had an implementation meeting to talk with everybody about what needed to get done for this week. Alex and I had a long list of things to get shot for e-commerce.

They changed the layout of the items received report and now Alan is in charge of that, which makes more sense because he is in the office everyday. It was getting hard for me to keep up on shipments when I’m not in all the time.

Later in the day, I went around and pulled all the things that we needed to shoot on Tuesday and got that organized.

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around the studio.

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Shutter speed from 1/1000 to 1/10 of a second.

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Week 5, Days 1 and 2

Monday, February 4th and Wednesday, February 6th

So, this week we were at Grant’s studio to shoot some editorial stuff and for e-commerce. Basically, the same stuff we’ve been doing.

Grant and Alex left for Fashion Week on Thursday so we’re not meeting this Friday or next Monday, but I am going in to work with Alan on some inventory stuff on Monday.

I’ve been working more with photography, I’ll post some of the pics from my shutter speed assignment. I’m really learning a lot about my camera. I used to get really frustrated with lighting and would always use my flash, but the flash would just wash everything out. Now that I understand how the shutter and that aspect of the camera works, I can be more educated about my decision to use flash or not.

Something I need to work on: I have this really awful fear of looking stupid so I stay pretty quiet when it comes to creative decisions. I need to stop being so intimidated by the experience and start being more of an input than a help—if that makes sense. I also think that I just need to be more open to photographing things. Since I’m at this novice stage in my photography I feel kind of silly doing it, but that’s how you learn. I need to stop being so scared of what people will think, because I truly believe that Alex will appreciate some more input on my side.


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a few things i’ve been a part of.

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Week 4, Day 2

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013


Today we did a lot of shooting…outdoors….in the rain….that turned to snow…and in the middle of Wacker.

We needed to shoot for a sale that Haberdash is having for the Superbowl in which Alex was “dodging” cars. He was basically running around in the middle of the Wacker and Wabash intersection with me tailing behind with a flash.

Those pictures to come.

Alex and I also went over some photography stuff and he gave me an assignment. This week’s focus is shutter speed.

Take 10 pictures of the following, using 10 different shutter speeds: A person, a place, a food, and a thing.

Those pictures to come, as well.


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